Language English
* Kurrmtyanyuk name of the Lake Boga people, Wembawemba people who took over from the original Perəpaperəpa speaking 'Catfish' people Details
kurruluk black-backed magpie Details
kurrumbaya to be jealous Details
kurrumbit-katən flood Details
kurrumbit, kurumbituk big, tall Details
kurrumeruk Murray cod of great size. Details
kurta to groan Details
kurtəma to growl, to complain Details
kurtəmila to winge, to keep complaining Details
kurumburt, kurumpurt, water-rat Details
kutayəla to shear Details
kutenyuk sister: younger sister (his); Details
kutha to pity, to be sorry Details
* kuthalthana-kurrk widow, 'they pity the woman' Details
* kuthal-tumak widower Details
* kuthap stone, (fire stone) Details
kuthap, var. kuthap-kayi what a pity! Details
kuthəl dew, frost, also small cut or injury Details
kuthən poor thing, a pitiful creature Details
-kuthəwiny In the direction of Details
kuthu bitter quandong 'ming', Details
kuthuk sore, injury Details
kuthun brolga Details
kutning-kurringek brother; late younger brother (mine) Details
kutninyuk brother: younger brother (his) ; Details
Kutyewap name of Lake Tatchewop, near Kerang Details
kuwa, also kwa fog Details
* kuwir bittern Details
kuyən spear: stabbing spear Details
kuyin just go on! Details