Language English
kakat white ibis Details
* kalalək Major Mitchell Cockatoo Details
kalaya to ask, to question Details
kaləpul pair, two together Details
kali dog Details
kalina to love Details
* kalingality-karrən necklace made from cane grass Details
kalintyerra to love one another Details
kalipa to gather up one's belongings, to collect things, to pack up a camp site Details
* kaliya sleeping lizard Details
*kalki pandyil gypsum Details
kalpa to cut, to break Details
kalpən broken Details
kalputa to cut up, to chop, to cross over a (dry) river, to cut across Details
kama wallaby, black swamp wallaby Details
* kamak-kamak rheumatism, being crippled Details
* kamərilak osprey Details
* kanak heel Details
kanerra to allow, to permit Details
* kangi-kurrm-kurrk girl, mid teenage Details
kanintya to steal Details
kanintyila to steal habitually, to go round thieving Details
kanya to breathe Details
kanyengka to cough Details
kapəl river, general term Details
kapel-kup River Mint Details
* kapit-kapit wild black fellow 'sneaker' i.e. an avenger Details
kapun grub Details
kar leg Details
kar grub, root grub Details